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    Concrete Repair Solutions

    All of our repair methods are designed to be long term, cost effective solutions with minimal disruption to the properties being repaired. We use patented and leading edge technologies to assist our clients in getting the  

    most out of their concrete assets, helping them avoid having to demolish and replace concrete when possible. If the structural integrity of the concrete is still intact then there's usually a repair application to bring concrete back to compliance and often times looking brand new. 

     Concrete Cutting


    We use a patented saw cutting technique to repair several different deficiencies in concrete. Our process is very quick and efficient and rarely requires us to shut down the use of the site being repaired.

         Slab Lifting


    Polyurethane Slab Lifting is the superior method for stabilizing soil and raising concrete to its desired level. We use no heavy equipment and the concrete is back to being operational within minutes of repairs being completed.

     Concrete Resurfacing 


    Using a two component concrete structural repair mortar we can patch and resurface damaged and unsightly concrete. It's an economical solution compared to having to demolish and replace structurally sound concrete and our repairs take minutes to hours rather than days to weeks.


    "The professionalism, quality of work and time response are the major benefits using SSC.

     We save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year instead of replacement of concrete.

     Its great value for our institution."

    Sig Zoller

    SAIT Polytechnic

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