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Polyurethane Slab Lifting

What Causes Concrete Slabs to Settle?

Fundamental to healthy concrete is a solid substrate—well-compacted soils provide a foundation upon which concrete structures perform. Over time, forces of nature take their toll. Decomposing soils, erosion and ground water migration break down this foundation. This is the root cause for concrete slabs to sink or settle.

To Cure the Problem, Eliminate the Cause.

Injecting polyurethane resins into loosely consolidated soils, voids and water pathways will strengthen the earthen substrate and provide watertight encapsulation. With the soils consolidated and stabilized, we can raise the slabs back to the desired level and the concrete slabs will provide service for decades. 

Our solution targets the cause so the cure is long lasting and still at a fraction of the cost of demolishing and replacing the panels. 


*Very small drill holes, 3/8 inch

*Fully cures within 15 minutes

*Very light material

*No heavy equipment

*Can be installed in any temperature

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